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If you are interested in pursuing your wellness journey, whether you are feeling dragged down mentally and at low ebb or LOW SELF-ESTEEM, or you are struggling with MENOPAUSE, GUT HEALTH, SLEEP, STRESS, FATIGUE, WEIGHT MANAGEMENT, AGEING and want to keep common diseases such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes at bay, then I can support you with a nutrition and wellness plan to suit you.  Good nutrition and some lifestyle changes can transform your life – like it did mine.


Having suffered with ME for many years I felt I was having a relapse; my energy was zero and my life was shrinking. Rosie spotted 2 major problems with my diet and lifestyle. Her diagnosis was spot on and within a week of following her nutrition plan,  my energy levels changed significantly. I am now back to normal and will be forever grateful.  Rosie is so easy to talk to and has such a vast understanding of nutrition.  I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone.”   Jules, 59, W Sussex


Call 07879 668175 for a free 20 min to chat through your needs and goals.




At times we can all slip into a downward spiral, physically or mentally or both,  and struggle to find the right steps on the journey back up.  If this feels like you, then SELF-CARE 121 could be the helping hand you need.  If you feel overwhelmed by life and underwhelmed by yourself, then let’s address what is holding you down and bring back the vibrant you.  If you need nutrition support toward making healthier choices and increasing your healthspan, then we can tailor an approach to suit your specific needs.  Your SELF-CARE journey starts here! 

SELF-CARE 121 session 60 min £55.

Book a block of 3 for £150.

Personal Nutrition Plan £125 (optional)



Looking to lose weight? Join the EAT WELL to LOSE programme

Join my 6-week group programme which includes guidance and coaching around food and meals, mindset and habits, cravings, stress, sleep, exercise and much more! Fill your toolkit with all you need to know to last a lifetime.  Hello healthier, leaner, happier you!

Each week join a zoom session with coaching, information and the support of community, access to recipes and ongoing Q&A.   

£75 – limited places available. Contact for more details.



Might need more? Join EXTRA BITES

Extend weekly group support sessions with coaching, community support, refresh on principles, new recipes and seasonal tips, all to help keep you on track.

12 weeks £95

6 weeks £55

One to one check in £25 for 20 mins



Need a kick-start or quick fix? Join The SELF-CARE Edit

Enjoy a 3 day online virtual retreat and add to your SELF-CARE toolkit –

  • kickstart your weight loss OR nudge over that weight loss plateau
  • reset your metabolism
  • follow a targeted meal plan
  • cleanse your mind and body with shared pamper activities and demos
  • join daily zoom sessions to provide support and check-in
  • share self-care hints and tips
  • join meditations and yoga stretch sessions

Feel lighter, brighter and basking in a healthier glow.

Cleanse plan, zoom sessions and countdown support  £75.

Contact for details, dates and group discounts.



Simple, obtainable, sustainable changes to last lifelong

Bring back feeling wonderful!

My Journey

Let me just say it’s never to late – to change your path, to change the way you feel, the way you look, the way you live…. just grab hold of the goals and run with them! Give it your best shot.

I came to Nutrition & Wellness in midlife – after decades of battling with my weight, body image and self-esteem.
With new knowledge on what healthy eating and lifestyle REALLY look like, especially in midlife, I finally freed myself from the diet trap and the daily judgement based on what I had eaten.  

Now my focus is on looking after my body – making sure I nourish it properly so it can do all the amazing things I need it to.  I rest, I move, I nurture.  I no longer punish nor deprive.  

I will never have a perfect shaped body – but I love it anyway because it works for me and I want to protect it for as long as I can – from the inside out.  When you start to understand how clever the body is at handling what we give it AND the challenges we can create for it when we eat badly or let self-care slip down the priority list  – THEN healthy choices become EASY to make. Before you know it, healthy is your new normal and you feel WONDERFUL for it!  Who wouldn’t choose that for themselves?

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So now, as a Nutrition & Wellness Coach and Counsellor, my goal is to help others benefit in the same way – to eat well, feel well and live well – to feel better about and within themselves and not waste decades making poor choices like I did. Let me guide you through a holistic and personalised approach to achieve better physical and mental wellbeing through diet and lifestyle, whatever your age or stage.  Thrive again and meet your full potential!  Come join me!

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